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09 Oct 2019

Nursing and Operations Executive Clare Lumley on radio 2GB

It's probably no surprise that Australia’s over 333,000 nurses remain amongst the most trusted professionals in our community dominating the annual survey for over 20 years.

It’s a sign that we value their expertise and their compassion to help us when we are ill or aged and at our most vulnerable.

So it was a real concern when a 2012 Commonwealth report suggested that increasing demand meant that by 2030 there was likely to be a shortfall of around 125,000 nurses.

However thanks to better training opportunities and increased retention of nurses that projected shortfall has been reduced to 45,000.

Sydney Adventist Hospital, NSW largest's private hospital, employs more than 1100 nurses and as home to the Avondale College of Nursing provides hospital based training.

Clare Lumley is the San’s Nursing and Operations Executive and joined 2GB's John Stanely to disscuss the topic.

Click here to listen to the podcast.


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