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14 Aug 2019

Dr Ross Grant on radio 2GB for National Science Week

The topic of science conjures images of mad professors, lab coats and microscopes and school days of having to learn the periodic table.

The reality is science has a huge impact on all elements of our lives in many obvious and many more unknown ways… we communicate with smartphones, we cook with microwaves, we get healthy with medicines.

Ever increasingly the world's advancements have come through science, and are reliant on the science that drives technology.

This week (10-18th August) is National Science Week celebrating and acknowledging the contributions of Australian scientists to the world of knowledge.

Biochemical Pharmacologist Dr Ross Grant from the Sydney Adventists Hospitals research arm, the Australasian Research Institute was interviewed on radio 2GB to share some insights about life in the world of science.

Click here to listen to the podcast


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