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Dr Katherine Hodgkinson and Jo Marx on radio 2GB

Increasingly it’s recognised that good cancer care must not only meet the diagnostic, surgical, and treatment needs of patients but that best practice cancer care also addresses emotional wellbeing.

This is particularly important for the estimated one third of cancer patients who end up with clinical depression and anxiety.

While there is evidence that psychological intervention and strategies can have a significant benefit, there is also anecdotal evidence that other therapies like writing, can help, certainly with patients stressed and fearful about their cancer diagnosis.

The San Hospital offers access to both…provided by Clinical Psychologist Dr Katherine Hodgkinson from Headway Health and 'Writing as Therapy for cancer patients' workshop facilitator Jo Marx.

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Involvement in this program is subsidised - thanks to the Hospitals San Foundation, the Hospital, and real estate agents Laing and Simmons.
For more information about this course and the diverse range of free and other cancer support services the San Hospital offers, see
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