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It's about Us presents Writing as Therapy Workshops at the San starting this week 

it's about us writing as therapy workshopsOur aim is to enhance the emotional and psychological wellbeing of those affected by cancer through writing as therapy.

Join our 4-week writing as therapy workshops using a tool developed specifically for patients with cancer. You need to attend all 4 weeks, as each session is different. Each weekly session is 2 hours, between 10am - 12pm.

Participants will be guided through the writing as therapy sessions and will be shown how to use our digital tool.

  • Session 1 : Thursday, 13th June - Why would I write a book?
  • Session 2 : Thursday, 20th June - Getting Started
  • Session 3 : Thursday, 27th June - What do I want to say?
  • Session 4 : Thursday, 4th July - Completing my book

Book online here

About the Workshops

In a supportive, warm, safe and inclusive environment we will provide a 4-week writing support group using a tool developed specifically for patients with cancer. To keep it personal and hands there will be a maximum of 10 participants per session. Each session will be 2 hours and participants will be guided through the writing as therapy sessions, and shown how to use the digital tool to create a personalised and unique book about their cancer experience. They will be able to capture thoughts, feeling, emotions and download some of the poignant and personal elements of what they have been through.

A number of guest speakers have been invited to talk at some of the sessions. These will be professionals and members of organisations and services in the cancer space who support emotional and psychological wellbeing. These may include psychologists, nutritionists, and cancer patients. At the completion of the 4-week course (8 hours) all participants will be given a gift voucher to print their own customised book.

How will this make a difference to people affected by cancer?
Cancer affects more than just the patient, it has a ripple effect. To get through this often-difficult experience, patients need to have coping mechanisms. The therapeutic benefits of writing have been well documented. Patients will be able to write down thoughts and emotions that have been bottled up. It offers an opportunity to deal with things that may not have been dealt with, and provides an opportunity to express things that they have found hard to say to family or friends through writing. Cancer patients often feel lonely and isolated. These forums will give them a chance to meet like minded people going through something they can relate to, in a caring and supportive environment.


Beattie Complex, Sydney Adventist Hospital
185 Fox Valley Rd, Wahroonga, NSW 2076

More detail on the location is shown on the booking page.

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