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Our Student Doctors

Last year, ANU medical student Lucy Thawley was amongst the inaugural group of third year students to complete rotations across several medical and surgical areas. This year, she was the first to complete an elective in ICU at the San.

“I opted to do an additional two weeks in ICU during my holidays as we are only scheduled a one week rotation,” said Lucy. “It’s a very interesting area of medicine and because it is so complex, I wanted to spend more time there learning.

“In ICU, patients come in with such a wide range of conditions from all the major medical and surgical disciplines. You get to put into practice everything you have learnt in medicine. It’s also a specialty where you can see your treatments and interventions working in real time, which can be very rewarding.”

Lucy says she found both administrative staff and medical supervisors at the San to be very supportive, enhancing her learning experience. They were a major factor in her wanting to spend additional time in the ICU. Administration staff created opportunities for her, while doctors were generous with their knowledge, and actively created useful clinical learning opportunities.

“Because of Covid, electives have been limited or cancelled for most medical students,” explained Lucy. “I feel lucky to have been able to complete an acute care elective at the San. It’s been an amazing experience.”

The ACHL–ANU collaboration commenced in 2020, with a focus in education, research and clinical service.

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