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Clinical Director of San Rehabilitation speaks on radio 2GB about rehabilitation after surgeries

Rehabilitation is an important part of recovering from a surgery for many patients.

Rehab programs help regain independence and mobility after major surgeries. In 2017 the San opened new rehabilitation facilities which provide inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation care, providing a seamless transition after a surgery or a medical illness. Patients have full access to the main hospital facilities while being able to focus on their rehabilitation needs and wellbeing. Importantly, the patients have access to acute treating doctors’ care including surgeons without having to go off-site, should the need arise.

San Rehabilitation has been expanding a new personalised model of care to help patients recover better from joint replacement surgeries. The concept is that patients are better off when they have undertaken some pre-surgery preparation and planning. This pre-surgery preparation is called pre-habilitation or 'prehab'. 
Here to talk about rehabilitation with us is Clinical Director of San Rehabilitation Dr Pearl Chung. Click here to listen.

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