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San ENT surgeon Associate Professor Payal Mukherjee features in articles from The Times Of India and SBS Hindi

San ENT Surgeon A/Prof Payal Mukherjee has featured in an article from The Times of India as well as an article from SBS Hindi. 

A/Professor Mukherjee along with a team from Pune, India, have been involved in the creation of a set of artificial ears using a specialised software and a 3D printer. The patient was born without ears and this hugely impacted his self-esteem. With a Doctor and industrial design engineer in Pune and ENT surgeon A/Prof Mukherjee here in Sydney the patient is now able to fit his prosthetics everyday. 

Read the full article about this incredible advance in technology here from The Times Of India.


In addition to the incredible advances mentioned in the article above, A/Professor Payal Mukherjee has also been a pioneer in the research towards reconstructing ears made from patients' own stem cells. A 3D bio printer is currently being trialled in Sydney, which could help many people with congenital ear deformities. This project also involves the work of researchers and experts based in India. 

Read more about this amazing advance in research and technology here at SBS Hindi.


 A/Professor Payal Mukherjee at the Bio-printing lab


A/Professor Payal Mukherjee (fourth from right) during a visit to India to meet with researchers and experts.

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