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Christmas hampers donated on behalf of San and SDSH staff

This past Christmas the Hospital was not able to host the traditional December staff appreciation meal, so in its place AHCL donated 100 family sized Christmas hampers to those in need on behalf of all Sydney Adventist Hospital and San Day Surgery Hornsby staff as a staff sacrifice Christmas initiative. These hampers were gifted to single parents with dependent children, struggling families directly affected by Covid-19, and seniors / elderly clients, in outer western Sydney suburbs who may have been impacted by financial, physical, or emotional hardships during 2020.  

The gift hampers contained a variety of food for the families to enjoy over Christmas. 
Melissa Baleilekutu ADRA Community Centre Manager reported that the hampers were received with much gratitude, and the recipients were very appreciative of the quantity and quality of effort put into them. 
Melissa shared a few insights into some of the families that received the gift hampers donated by AHCL:
"One of the recipients who received a hamper was a single mother of three who escaped domestic violence 2 years ago. The family had lost their house and all their belongings in a fire 1 week prior. They had nothing for Christmas and were touched and overjoyed to receive one of the Christmas hampers.
Three sisters who lost both parents within a year, one to an accident and the other to cancer, have been struggling to keep a roof over their head let alone food on the table. They range between 16 and 20 years of age, and were overwhelmed with gratitude when they received their Christmas hamper.
One of the seniors who received the Christmas hamper suffers from a range of illnesses, lives alone and was meant to spend Christmas with her son from the Northern Beaches. She had not prepared or done any Christmas shopping, then due to the lockdown and her son not being able to take her or come down to visit, she was left with an empty kitchen and nothing for Christmas. She was very, very appreciative when we delivered the hamper to her doorstep.
One of the families who received the hamper have 3 dependent children. Both parents lost their job as a result of Covid-19 and were struggling to make ends meet, paying their mortgage let alone trying to put food on the table. Needless to say, they were absolutely touched by the delivery of the Christmas hamper.
One of the mothers who received the hamper was escaping Domestic violence and had been couped up in a hotel for 2 months. When we called her to pick up a Christmas hamper she was overjoyed. She was also getting the keys to a new place for her family and that was where most of their expenses had gone too, and as a result they didn't have anything to mark Christmas. She was in tears when she picked up the hamper and spoke of the impeccable timing."
It is important to acknowledge and thank all those that were involved in the creation and distribution of the hampers. Thank you to Campbelltown pathfinders District Director Toatepi Teulilo, Cub director for 2021 Ilisapesi Tupouniua, Ana Latu and her family from Bowral SDA church, as well as the Poulivaati family visiting from Coober Pedy South Australia, for helping pack, wrap and decorate the hampers. Thank you also to the Sydney Tongan Church pastor Sitiveni Teaupa, his wife Lilieta, church elders and deacons who assisted in distributing all 100 hampers. 
Click here to read an article from ADRA reporting on the hamper collaboration.


 Creating the hampers


Gift hamper contents                                                                                       Gift hamper wrapped and ready for delivery

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