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Amended visitor arrangements during COVID 19 Risk Minimisation

20th May 2020

Amended visitor arrangements during COVID 19 Risk Minimisation
To reduce the risk of spread of coronavirus and to maximise the health and wellbeing of our patients, staff, and visitors, there are visitor restrictions in place at the Hospital.
Subject to exceptional circumstances, these restrictions mean the following;
• General ward patients – may have unlimited visits, by different visitors over the length of the patient’s hospital stay, but not different visitors on one day. The nominated visitor for that day is welcome to visit as frequently as the patient wishes.
• Maternity ward patients may have unlimited visits by their partner during the stay.
• Paediatric ward patients may have unlimited visits from parents only – one parent at a time.
• Neonatal ward patients may have unlimited visits from both parents at a time.
• Children under 16 should not visit.
• COVID suspected or positive patients will be cared for in an isolation ward and have technology facilitated virtual visits.
Subject to the above arrangements, all visitors to the Hospital can visit as frequently as patients wish them to, however they must all satisfy health screening on arrival.
This includes a temperature check, and confirmation that they are not exhibiting any flu like symptoms, nor travelled internationally in the 14 days prior to their visit. All visitors must wash or sanitise hands every time they enter or depart a patient room.
These arrangements do allow review of specific circumstances including the needs of long-term or palliative care patients. These special queries should be directed to the Nursing Unit Manager.
We will continue regular monitoring of what is needed, changes to community social distancing restrictions and in taking advice from NSW and Commonwealth, Departments of Health.
At this stage we believe that these arrangements remain in the best interests of our often health compromised patients and help meet our responsibility to reduce risk.
We appreciate the community’s ongoing support.
Please direct any queries to reception staff at the Hospital or

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