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National Volunteer Week 2020 - Meet Judy Vipond

Volunteer Judy Vipond is celebrating 30 years at the San. 

Judy tells us about her time as a volunteer:  

'I first thought of joining the Volunteers when I was a patient in the San.  I was impressed with the caring staff, Pink Ladies and the calm atmosphere around the hospital and I promised myself that I would join as soon as I retired.
I started out as a Pink Lady and then as a Help Team Volunteer and have continued for 30 years now.  I have always worked in the Snack Bar, then SanSnax and now San Snacks and always on a Monday.  I have found it is a stimulating and rewarding way to help the hospital by raising funds for medical equipment and in so doing have made life-long friends.

I have seen many changes in the last 30 years, including 
The volunteer numbers grow from 100 to 500
The pink jackets changed to yellow polo shirts 
"Real" coffee being served to staff , patients and visitors - made by Baristas
An influx of volunteers who have been born in other countries, and English is not their first language (it has been a joy to meet them and to work happily alongside them in San Snacks)
My thanks go to Pam Ludowici, Margaret Smith, Patrina McLean and the Volunteer Office Staff and to the numerous San Snacks Supervisors who have all worked so hard to make sure we are happy and have everything we need.'





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