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Staff Week celebrations continue with Interdepartmental Bed Making Challenge

San Educators Sue Berriman and Sarah Lockton are the 2020 SAH Bed Making Champions after winning the San's Interdepartmental Bed Making Challenge.
During 2 challenge Heats, teams from Human Resources, Nursing Executive, Hospitality, and Nurse Unit Managers showcased their bed making expertise being judged on speed, best bed sheet tucked corners and task completion. Their ability to smile and their dance moves were also allied skills observed by the attending spectators, but not judged. 
In the tight final against nurse unit managers Anna Macindoe and Evelyn Chiriseri, from Harrison and Radley wards,  the San Education team showed their flair, (and creativity by the sourcing of a mannequin for a 'dummy test' of the finished bed,) and their speed.
Nursing and Operations Executive Clare Lumley presented the inaugural SAH Bed Making Challenge Trophy graciously conceding her and fellow team mate Eliza Kenny's skills in Heat 1 had clearly been outclassed.







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