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San Staff Week Celebrations

The San's inaugural Nursing Executive Bed Making Competition has been held as part of Staff Week celebrations.

A prelude to another interdepartmental challenge, the Executive heat included a team of Nursing and Operations Executive Clare Lumley partnered by Director of Operations Eliza Kenny ('The Girls') pitted against the team of Director of Nursing and Medical Ross Penman, and Director of Specialties Sid Nicholas ('The Boys').

The competition involved a time race for each team to make 2 beds on Butler Ward (Level 9 Clifford) and Gee (level 11 Clifford).

Director of Support Services Carol Zeuschner with each ward's Nurse Unit Managers, Dr Linda Thomson Mangnall and Sarah Coleman, oversaw the competition. They monitored the Challenge and its outcomes according to the strict 'Bed Making Contest Rules of Engagement' which required a centralised 'start' position from the corridor, collection of appropriate flat and fitted sheets, completion of the task, placing the call bell within reach, and 'racing' (purposefully walking) to the 'finish line'.

Penalty seconds were added to the final time for imprecise and messy corners, non-asymmetrical sheet alignment, or overfilled linen bags.

Ward patients and nursing, hospitality and other staff acted as advisors and spectators.

Patient feedback included comments that the teams were 'welcome to make their beds at home at any time'.

Carol Zeuschner reports that 'the Boys' ended up with bonus points for finishing touches (such as the tartan blanket over the bed) and stopping during their challenge to assist with an attending Doctor's request, but that 'the Girls' won on time (by a country mile)'.









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