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New San Swaddle package means more time to bond with baby

For second time mum-to-be Anna Segal, the new collaboration between Sydney Adventist Hospital and health fund HCF for zero out-of-pocket maternity costs mean she will be able to extend her maternity leave and have more time to bond with her new son before returning to work.

Meeting with her obstetrician Dr John Keogh for her regular check-up 7 weeks before her due date, the Central Coast Kariong resident Anna says finding out about her eligibility for the Swaddle San Baby Bundle was a welcome shock.

“The cost of living is tough, especially for young families” says 34 year old Anna.
“When I had our daughter Matilda I really wanted to be able to take the whole year off, but I couldn’t. I went back to work after nine months. 
When I fell pregnant again, we were happy to pay the out of pocket expenses to have the same level of care as first time round, and we planned for and expected to have out-of-pocket expenses.
Finding out all our costs are covered this time is amazing - we just can’t believe it.
I will be able to have a full year off, can worry less about the financial impact of that decision and spend more time bonding with my new baby.”
Saving patients approximately $4,000-$6,000 in out-of-pocket maternity related expenses, the San Swaddle Baby Bundle package launched in January covers the gap expenses for expectant parents who have HCF maternity cover and whose obstetrician is one of the San doctors participating in the program.
An obstetrician of 30 years experience who has delivered over 12,500 babies Associate Professor John Keogh says the package provides both clarity and assurance around costs.
“It gives people, whose concern about costs and unknown gaps may have prevented them from accessing the private system, the confidence to use their health insurance and embrace private maternity care knowing they will have no out of pocket costs. 
“All of us have so much tied up in the birth of our children” says Prof Keogh. “It’s a time of great excitement, but also a time when we have to place great trust in those who will help us to bring our babies into the world. One of the reassuring things about private obstetric care is that you really know the person who is there with you at the birth. You have built and established that trust over time. And it’s a team. I’ve worked internationally and around Australia and I have never worked with a better team than its my privilege to work with at the San. 
We have really excellent midwives who are dedicated, skilled and committed to their calling. They see their job as really working together with the doctors co-operatively to provide the best care possible for women and their families. That very strong cooperation really pays dividends in the quality of care.
With something as important as the birth of your child, it is comforting to know that the people who are helping you have not only done it thousands of times before but still love what they are doing. They are absolutely on your team and by your side”
The Swaddle program provides no-gaps cover from the beginning to the end of pregnancy for services including pathology, ultrasound, hospital services, and fees associated with the standard care provided by an obstetrician, anaesthetist, surgical assistant and paediatrician.

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