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San obstetrician Dr Gary Sykes discusses new San Swaddle package and his career

San Swaddle Update: Dr Gary Sykes explains his Swaddle involvement and the highlights of his long career

After delivering over 10000 babies over 44 years, the San's most senior practicing obstetrician Dr Gary Sykes likens the San's new Swaddle zero out of pocket expenses maternity package to an all expenses cruise where people know the 'bottom line' before the holiday.

"When our children were small, we often went on holidays to 'all expenses included' holiday resorts. Now my wife and I enjoy cruises where 'all expenses' are included in the pricing. I like to know the 'bottom line' before the holiday.

With the Swaddle San Baby Bundle maternity package patients know the financial 'bottom line' before they are pregnant. That is very exciting and makes private pregnancy care a much more affordable and the cost predictable.

I want patients to have optimal care and not be out-of-pocket for a significant amount of money."

Dr Sykes' passion and joy for his career is obvious.

"I have a wonderful, very special career, where I support a woman at such a special time of her life and share in her and her husband's or partner's joy at the birth of their baby.

My goal is to provide my patients with the best quality of pregnancy care possible. I aim to do this in a warm, friendly and caring environment with attention to their individual needs and requests.

'Information, communication and relationship' are the words that summarise the endeavours of my management of my patients. I want my patients to enjoy their pregnancy and childbirth experiences, as it is one of the most important times in their lives.'

Dr Sykes says while he hopes his patients have very uneventful pregnancy and childbirth journeys, it is impossible to know whether this will be the case.

"I tell my patients they can relax and have confidence I am well skilled to successfully manage their pregnancies and deliveries if there are any pregnancy, labour or childbirth complications.

I value the special relationships I form with my patients during their pregnancies. I now have many 'second gen' patients, where I delivered the current patient or her husband. That is so exciting. "

Dr Sykes believes the benefit of Swaddle is that it is will help cover complications that can happen with even a low risk pregnancy.

"Birth plans usually work, because what will happen during labour and childbirth cannot be predicted.

Not only are pregnancy and labour adverse developments unpredictable, major adverse developments can happen quickly.

No matter how 'low risk' a pregnancy might be there can be life threatening adverse developments in pregnancy, labour and with delivery. 'Low risk' does not mean 'no risk'. Life threatening complications can come out of 'left field' unexpectedly.

I've seen it many times. That is when having a 'hands-on' experienced obstetrician is very important."

I am excited about the San Swaddle package as it gives patient financial certainty.

While now my patients know exactly how much they are 'out of pocket' for my services at their first visit, there are other pregnancy and childbirth expenses which they will incur, and which will vary.

"Most of my patients work to a budget financially. They have limited income and expenses going in lots of directions. Patients sometimes tell me they are aware and want to budget for these extra gap payments but have no idea how much the gaps will be and so how much they need to put aside.

I want patients to have optimal care and not be out-of-pocket for a significant amount of money.

I look after my patients as if they are my own kids."


Dr Sykes and new mum Angela Tan


Dr Gary Sykes and baby Andrade with mum and dad ​Priscila and Ricardo


Dr Sykes with mum Becky, her husband and newborn son Elliot Xin Zhao.



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