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A baby and a bonus on the way

Swaddle package patient reaction: Following the announcement of the Australian first zero-out-of-pocket the Swaddle San Baby Bundle San mum-to-be Stefanie Bessesn was thrilled the financial savings would take some pressure off.

Mum-to-be Stefanie Bessen's beaming smile says it all – life is good and it just got better.

With her first baby due in less than 2 weeks Stefanie met this week with her San Hospital obstetrician Dr Peter Wood.

Stephanie was thrilled at the news that baby is well and on schedule, but also pleasantly surprised to hear she's amongst the first patients in Australian, and potentially one of many new mothers who are eligible, who will save thousands of dollars thanks to an innovative pregnancy funding arrangement between the Hospital and their health fund.

A sonographer by profession, used to taking images of other peoples babies, since Stefanie gave up work, the costs of preparing for baby's arrival have been daunting.

"A cot, pram, change table, car seat, they're all essential items that we need to get", 32 year old Stefanie says.

"We started budgeting as soon as we planned to have a baby knowing I'd ultimately take time off. The costs have already been mounting and that's before the baby arrives when we'll need nappies, clothes and medicines and who knows what else."

A cot can cost $500, and a pram as much as $1000. The expenses can be overwhelming."

During a baby check-up with her obstetrician this week Stefanie received some surprising news that she will be amongst one of the first patients in Australia to save between $4000-$6000 in an innovative funding package between Australia's largest not for profit health fund, HCF, and NSW's largest not for profit private hospital, the San, at Wahroonga.

San Obstetrician Dr Peter Wood was excited to share the goods news with her about an Australian first funding arrangement between the fund and the hospital which means zero-out-of-pocket expenses for pregnancy for its members.

"I've delivered 2000 babies in the last 11 years in both private and public hospitals" said Dr Wood.

"Financial uncertainty can be a major concern for new parent's-to-be.

Even though they know from the beginning what my costs are – there are many other uncertain costs that are not able to be guaranteed at the beginning.

I'm very keen to offer this group of patient's certainty that they will have zero out-of-pocket expenses for my fees, anaesthetists, paediatricians, pathology and ultrasounds."

Obstetricians like Dr Wood, paediatricians, anaesthetists, and ultrasound providers have collaborated in a partnership with the Hospital and health fund HCF to guarantee zero-out-of-pocket expenses for their services for their pregnancy.

"I expect dozens of my future patients will be eligible for this" said Dr Wood.

"During the antenatal period – my staff and I do form a special relationship with all of the couples who choose to come to us for obstetric care.

It will be great that now there is an option for these "families to be" to be free of all of those financial worries and instead able to focus on the bigger picture of giving birth to their precious baby."

Stefanie agrees.

"I just really want to enjoy the experience of my first baby" says Stefanie.

"Suddenly finding out we have less expenses that we expected is a very pleasant surprise.

We may use it for the pram or the cot, the mortgage, education fees or even a university fund.

It just means there will be less stress in the first year and I can focus on things like sleeping and breast feeding.

Having a baby is the most exciting thing to happen to us. It's nice to have this bonus."

San Chief Executive Officer Brett Goods says the San is the first private hospital in Australia to offer the no-gap Swaddle San Baby Bundle package saving expectant parents an average of $4000-6000.

"As NSW's largest private and not for profit hospital which has been delivering babies for our community since 1903 the San is committed to delivering world-class care across the entire pregnancy journey.

"We are delighted so many of our specialists support this initiative to deliver no-gap obstetric care to HCF members.

We believe this Australian-first initiative will make it even more compelling for families to choose the San as the best place to welcome their newborn baby into the world."





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