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San Midwife Annie Marshall featured in national television campaign

"As a midwife and woman, it's a privilege to be a part of a woman's birthing experience. It is the best most rewarding career in the world. I just love it."

San midwife Annie Marshall says that after 30 years of helping mums deliver their babies, every time she has the opportunity to be a part of a birth, it's just as special as the last.

Having 3 sons of her own, a grandchild and another on the way, Annie says she went into midwifery after experiencing childbirth herself and the way a woman's body changes during pregnancy and labour.

"I thought it was such an amazing experience and fabulous thing to happen and it just got me in and I thought, I want to be a part of that for other women."

Helping thousands of women give birth during her career Annie says the highlight is when she gets to see mums and their kids come back to the ward to say hello.

As Nursing Unit Manager for the San's Birthing and Maternity Unit, Annie says the reason behind the team's dedication and commitment to care is their close bond.

"I feel that it's a family.

"I have only been here for just over 3 years but most of the midwives have been here a long time and grown up together.

"In the birthing unit there are sometimes fast-paced and emergent situations where things can happen quickly and the staff have to be able to rely on each other.

"It's the staff's commitment to care and the bond between them that ensures they are doing their best work to look after the woman and baby."

Annie has recently featured in the TV ad campaign for the new San and HCF 'no gap's' maternity collaboration, representing her team and the important role they play in the birthing experience for families.

"It was a privilege to be able to be a part of it. Although I was nervous at the time I did it because I knew it would be a good thing for the hospital and to represent the maternity team.

"You don't realise how big of a moment child birth is and women never forget the experience. I think the television commercial showcases that."


Annie is one of around 100 midwives at the San where approximately 2,000 babies are delivered each year.

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